Doping is as doping does

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Some great news out of this mornings NY Times:

Athletes who want to cheat by injecting themselves with a performance-enhancing drug that boosts their blood cell count can do so with little risk of getting caught, a new study indicates, possibly exposing another flaw in what is regarded as the world’s toughest anti-doping program.

Little risk of getting caught.

Let the good times roll.

The EPO study involved eight young men, university students in Copenhagen, who agreed to be injected with EPO over a four-week period and have their blood cell counts and athletic performance monitored before, during and after they took the drug. The EPO regimen was similar to regimens used by athletes who were trying to cheat. The men had EPO injections every other day for two weeks to get the process going and then had one injection per week to maintain their increased blood cell production.

The researchers were primarily interested in learning whether the young men’s athletic performance improved — it did, and markedly so. At maximum effort, the men’s performances improved by 9 to 16 percent. But at a slightly lower level of exertion, performance improved by 50 percent, Dr. Lundby said. Athletes taking EPO can go 50 percent longer at that somewhat lower level of effort, which can make a major difference in an endurance event…

Cycling is dead. Long live cycling.

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10 thoughts on “Doping is as doping does

  1. Are we not simple entertainers anymore? Engine modifications…tweaking the pistons, priming the carb, etc.. I personally prefer straight alcohol and slow finish times but that’s a different kind of racing altogether…

  2. Dear Sir(s):
    That last comment was written without any authority on the subject of doping. I can, however, claim great joy in the use of unfiltered german beer upon two wheels on the local roads and trails. Please ride responsibly!

  3. Shit. I wonder if it will increase my performance in the sack. I usually only give 50% and it pisses the missus off something fierce. It’s a win-win if you ask me.

    I need to submit to more medical experimentation anyhow.

  4. Is it on TV? Do bonehead “Winners” use it? Who gives a rat’s ass…The mountains are calling…