Biker Down

From: Erik
Subject: biker down in NC
The driver swerved to miss a deer (his story), crossed the center line and hit a cyclist head on. This was like 3 miles from my house. I’m leaving the bike on the trainer.

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11 thoughts on “Biker Down

  1. unfuckingbelievable. i won’t be holding my breath waiting for charges to be filed. swerved to miss a deer? yeah, sure buddy. move along. nothing to see here.

  2. My heart goes out to Clive Sweeney’s family. We all feel your loss, but nothing like you do.

  3. Millions of deer killed every day?
    A friend of mine was driving his subaru when a young woman in a car crossed the line and pushed his car into the curb and flipping it. She crossed the line because there was a spider in her car she was trying to deal with.

    Too bad there is no way to really tell if there was a deer there or not.

    Seems like this is an appropriate incident to revoke someone’s drivers license. This turd made a horrible decision that took the life of another human. That to me seems worth three strikes right there.

    I feel bad for Clive, his family and his friends.

    This seems so random, maybe sometimes your number is just up.

  4. On that section of road, I have ridden many times, there are tons of deer out in that area. I don’t doubt that there was a deer out there. It ain’t right, but chances are good that there was a deer in this case. Chances are good too that he was using a cell phone while driving and not really paying attention.

    When I lived in Durham, I avoided that particular road as much as possible. It is narrow, and it’s a 55 zone (should be 45 max), and it’s twisty and rolly. I’m not blaming that poor guy who got killed, but for many cyclists in the area, it’s a road to be avoided for just those reasons. We still rode in occasionally, but only with a larger group that was more easily seen.

    I feel for his family, and mourn their loss.

    Be safe out there.

  5. I say all roads should be for everyone! but you have to be careful
    on the no shoulders, I put on a rear blink lil knog, still get
    jammed around by people that cant handle 2tons of shit. Oregon
    is getting nuts on the back roads also

    I feel for the family!! he did what he loved!! like so many of us

    peace all,

  6. I ride about 150 miles a week on rural NC roads just like that – because they are the ONLY roads around. Fortunately traffic is almost nonexistant now because of the gas prices, but last Sunday I had a guy in a pickup swerve into my lane in an attempt to either hit me head on, or maybe just scare me. It’s rare, but it happens. I bet there would have been a deer in the road if he’d hit me.

  7. …my heart goes out to the family first & foremost but this kinda thing leaves me w/ a very bitter taste in my mouth…

    …even “if” a deer was involved, i hope that prick feels tortured for the rest of his life…he’s either lying or or he made a fast, stupid, irresponsible decision…

    …& if i don’t sound very forgiving right now, i’m just disgusted by how cheaply the life of cyclist is regarded…in each & every case…

  8. Guys-

    One of my best riding buddies, a guy who’s 50-some years old but can pull like a locomotive, was hit by a pickup truck in Florence. He was riding next to the fog line and was hit from behind, crushed three vertebrae. The cos wrote it up as ‘failure to yield’ FOR THE CYCLIST.

    That’s just fucked up.