Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure

Another one in from our boy Chris. Keep’n it real, he is.

From: Chris
Juan Grande,
Let me get right to the point. It is stoopid hot in Blythe, CA. Just rode here from Brawley, CA, where it is retarded hot. 88 miles today, 77 yesterday, 55 on Monday where we started in La Jolla. We took a peek into the pain cave today. One from our group got the full tour yesterday, ending up in the ER with heat exhaustion. Links to the site blog: fullercenterbiketrip.blogspot.com
One rider’s site: xcbikestories.com

We roll into Surprise, AZ Saturday.

Peace and chicken grease,

Good old Surprise, Arizona. In case you are wondering, here is what the five day weather forecast looks like down in paradise as of Wednesday night. In a word: Brutal.

Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
112° F | 77° F
44° C | 25° C
112° F | 74° F
44° C | 23° C
110° F | 76° F
43° C | 24° C
112° F | 77° F
44° C | 25° C
110° F | 76° F
43° C | 24° C
Clear Clear Clear Clear Clear

Looks like fun, don’t it? Better fill your jersey pockets with ice and put on your biggest pair of shoes. Because those loose ass ones you keep around for winter riding because you can fit two pairs of wool socks in ’em are going to be right snug after a few hours in that shit.

A better plan would be to start pedaling at 4:00am.

Or earlier.

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8 thoughts on “Fuller Center Bicycle Adventure

  1. Whatever dude. It’s a dry heat. Try 95 in Chicago some time (although we have yet to even have a decent 85 degree day yet this year).

    And BP, my god man, its a good thing you are in heavenly Munich…cuz you might get cranky and complain otherwise! ;)

  2. once it gets past 105, those extra 7 or anything after that
    is ” pain cave ” keep strong! but safe.


  3. I grew up in Philly with no AC. I know humidity.
    I now live in AZ. Dry heat my ass. Anything over 110 is sucky to say the least and will dehydrate you faster than you can blink.
    Riding in that shit? Hardcore. …and crazy.
    Good luck y’all, sending cool thoughts your way.

  4. Why are people always so proud of the nasty climate they live in? Doesn’t that just mean you’re stupid?