Time to Exercise Your Right to Vote….Online

Oregon is contemplating a law to make killing a cyclist a felony when driving a motorized vehicle.

The local fear mongering ABC network has a poll where you can tell them how you feel about it: www.koin.com

Scroll down the right side of the screen and you will get a “Yes” “no” type of poll. There is also a complete article to go with it. I don’t think i need to tell you how to vote. Apparently Oregon is one of four states in which doing something such as this is not a felony.

The wording of the law is not tough enough but it is better than the current proposed penalty which is 12 months suspended license and $12k fine. Some fuck runs me over he/she had better be ready to spend some time behind bars. I have a big enough ego to think i am worth that. And i think you do too.

The one catch to the entire thing is they are looking at it applying mainly to those with “Habitual driving issues”. Fuck that. I don’t care if you are squeaky clean. You fuck up, run me over and take daddy away from his girls then should better be ready to grab a handful of prison towel bar and prepare for what you have coming your way.

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5 thoughts on “Time to Exercise Your Right to Vote….Online

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  2. Yeah, this particular station (CBS by the way) is more than fear-mongering, they’re down right stupid and completely biased. Instead of focusing on the fact that we’ve had multiple cyclists killed by drivers, not to mention a rash of road-ragers, all they comment on with their stories are whether or not the cyclist was wearing a helmet.
    And somehow they always try to find a way to blame it on the cyclist…

  3. Just talked to my buddy in Vegas, some dude in a minivan
    swerved toward a lady on a bike and killed her, school teacher!
    she rode everyday, I have mad respect for that, vegas is hard on

    I did the ride here in Oregon for Tim and others on the ghost ride

    peace all