As the world turns…

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Tonight we’re going with the Daiquiri. Why? Because I have all the ingredients and I need a drink.

The Daiquiri is thought to have been developed in the late 1800’s in Cuba as a medicinal treatment for malaria. Today it is enjoyed as a light cocktail and can be blended for a Frozen Daiquiri.

1 1/2 oz light rum
3/4 oz lime juice
1/4 oz sugar syrup

1. Pour the light rum, lime juice and sugar syrup into a shaker with ice cubes.
2. Shake well.
3. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

Straight up and down.

Joe Papp has a website. And, apparently, a few things to say in this months edition of Outside.

Full disclosure – I cannot stand the magazine. Seriously. I find it to be completely unreadable. (and there goes any chance of getting something published with another magazine)

I’ve never met Joe Papp. But I have met Mike Sayers, Chad Hartley and Mike Dropkin. Sayers and Hartley have both seen my fat ass out on group rides in Tucson, Arizona. And am not worthy of handing either one their rain coats. I’ve bullshitted with Sayers a time or two, good guy. Hartley I ran into once in the produce aisle at Safeway. He was dating this funny ass chick that liked to run me about being a hairy gorilla. She said once that guys like me didn’t know if we were shaving our legs, our faces, or our asses.

What’s the difference she said.

And so it goes…

Mike Dropkin I’ve been mountain biking with exactly once (a multi-hour epic up in the Wasatch Range) and exchanging emails with for something like four years.

Do I know everything about these cats? No. Can I say they are all straight shooters? Yes.

All three are guys I know, some more than others. They all blew the whistle and threw the flag. It does not look good for Mr. Joe Papp from where I’m standing.

As near as I can tell (I’m always late to the party) it started with an article in Outside magazine. Within a few days Sayers was blogging about it.

I’ll give you a taste of the first three paragraphs:

So I have thought a lot about the following post. I lay in bed contemplating whether I should go forward, but I think the subject means enough to me and sums up a lot of what I believe in when it comes to my career as a professional athlete.

Let me start by saying that every time I hear a person on tv say, “I don’t mean to offend anyone….”, they end up offending someone. It just goes like that. I just returned home from my Mt Hood trip and my trusty Outside Magazine was waiting for me. This is the one mag that I subscribe to and I have read the mag for years. As I flipped through, I came across the article featuring Joe Papp. If you don’t know who Joe Papp is maybe you should just read that article at this point.

With this all being laid out, I will make this clear; Joe Papp, I am going to offend you. I am going to deeply offend you. I am going to offend you so bad that the state of Pennsylvania and most of the Eastern Seaboard are going to feel it.
Read the rest:

They don’t call that cat the Sergeant for nothing. Joe Papp hit back with his own post quick like. People were reading. People were talking.

Then Chad Hartley entered the fray in a big way:

…I agree with Mike Sayers. I’m not a fan of Joe Papp either. Matter of fact, my first post on missingsaddle was on the subject. It’s not a matter of him being a doper, just don’t really care for him. Used car salesman comes to mind.

…I respect Mike Sayer and have always looked up to him. And while we have had our disagreements, I will always look up to him. He’s as stand up as they come, and has qualities most people should aspire to.
Read the rest:

Ah yes, as the world turns…

Lastly, my man Mike Dropkin got called out on Papp’s site just ‘cuz he’s Mike Dropkin and Joe Papp is Joe Papp. Check out the The Collected Works of Mike Dropkin. Good times.

I emailed Mike regarding the Papp rant on him. (new word, Papprant?)

Mike’s reply is below:

From: Mike
Subject: Re: You are apparently now famous
Thanks for the e-mail alert Big Jonny, I just read some of Joe’s posts on that blog link you sent.

It’s a badge of honor to be despised and smeared by Joe Papp. I am in good company.

I was interviewed by Andrew Tillin the author of the Outside mag article on Joe. He wrote a very sympathetic article towards Joe. Then Joe writes that post about Andrew in his blog, where he claims Andrew misrepresented him. On the phone with Andrew, you should of heard the sympathy coming from Andrew regarding Joe. Andrew was very conscious of illustrating both sides of Joe, the scam artist side, and also what path Joe has taken; we talked about the duality of Joe Papp for some time. But Joe is playing the victim. That’s his story and he’s sticking to it. Andrew said to me; “Do you know who gave me your name and contact info? Joe Papp himself.”
Of course he did.

Joe set up the whole interview and Outside magazine article. He supplied the names, the contacts, the stories. Andrew checked them out to determine if they were true enough … and he went with it. Joe is
pretending that it is all some evil plot, and he’s a good guy done in by a investigative reporter “heavy”. Joe worked side by side with Andrew over a period of months to write that article. Andrew told me he didn’t do a whole lot of peripheral work, he did enough to see what themes emerged and to check if it was true. That article is no conspiracy about Joe, it’s Joe himself. Andrew let Joe present himself, and Andrew stayed true to what Joe presented in all ways.

Joe’s point is to pretend the vitriol pointed towards him, is because he took a stand against doping (after being the biggest doper America has ever produced, after Tyler Hamilton, geez, maybe bigger than Tyler). But that isn’t it at all. Nobody here cares if Joe “spit in the soup” or not. That’s a Euro peloton thing with it’s decades of tacitly known doping culture. That’s not an American ethic or viewpoint. America always believes in the underdog, the person who does bad, turns around and makes a comeback. Americans are not against Joe Papp the Doper, other than the racers who he cheated at race after race, year after year while Joe was doped and they were not. In the classic “spit in the soup” theme it’s the other racers who dope who hate the informant. But that’s not who is turning out against Joe. It is the racers who DID NOT DOPE who hate Joe.

The vitriol directed at Joe is from the people who’ve known him for years and years, and know what a incessant scam artist he is. He’s always pulling a manipulation, an untrue conclusion from a story of
half-truths, a “business deal” that is clearly a scam. Also the Division 3 racers, who are just working stiffs and love to race and are not dopers, and then there is Joe who was stealing their winnings for years, doping like crazy, amongst guys who make maybe 20K a year doing the pro cycling thing.

Joe is hated, because he is a scumbag. His USADA case against Floyd Landis is a classic example. Everybody who knows Joe, knows why Joe did it. For the attention. The same reason he netted and fostered the Outside magazine article. He never knew Floyd. He never raced at Floyd’s level. Joe knew not one iota about Floyd but Joe was delighted to frame Floyd, because with Joe’s doping positive it was of course the next logical way that Joe could gain attention. No way was Joe getting out of that Tour of Turkey positive, so by helping to frame Floyd, he was taking that doping positive and doing the best he could with it to further promote Joe, which is what Joe does 24/7. The testosterone medical experts factually refuted Joe’s testimony on the effects of testosterone as Joe utilized it at Floyd’s trial. Even in doping, Joe couldn’t get it right.

Joe does not care if people dope or not. He’s not anti doping. He’s pro Joe Papp. He’s after whatever story line he can milk to publicize himself, that’s easy to see from his various blogs and the posts in the blogs (such as where he interviews himself) and constant self injection into situations he’s not really a part of. Right now the Joe Papp shtick is to pretend he is hated because he stood up against doping. That’s not it at all. Joe is hated by people who know Joe, were tricked by Joe, were scammed by Joe, were badmouthed without reason by Joe. Joe is hated because of Joe, not for any political or policy stance he’s taken.

Since I am in the science circles, I asked friends of mine to work /pro bono/ for months to go over Joe’s lab results and help him defend his case. They made phone calls, did research, and went to all ends to pick apart the STRONG factual evidence against Joe. They found out all their work, and their professional reputations compromised by Joe when they read about Joe “flipping” in the news when Joe became a “surprise” witness against Floyd Landis. Joe Papp never notified his defense “team”
that he was going to flip. Those people were never given a statement by Joe that they could disclose to all the professional contacts they had pulled that Joe had lied to them. Why didn’t Joe inform them? Because Joe was done with them and tossed them away like a rag. That was part of an old deceased Joe Papp scam.

Joe was onto the next thing. Joe is always onto the next thing, the next false con of Joe Papp about Joe Papp. I feel really really bad for the people I asked to help on Joe’s defense. On my word they spent weeks on defending him and made fools of themselves to other professional colleagues. I let my friends down. Joe Papp lied to me again and again and again. I believed Joe and I was a fool. I feel bad for Floyd Landis. Joe helped to frame Floyd and make Floyd look dirty when Joe had not one bit of knowledge of Floyd Landis. Thanks for giving me space to write this out. I think I’ve told enough of the story. The record is there and I think it is pretty clear to anyone who cares to waste time reading it.

Best Regards,
Mike Dropkin

Now, can I get my own Papprant up in this piece?

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23 Replies to “As the world turns…”

  1. …glad to know at least one of us won’t get malaria, tonight…

    …& wow, i read a all of that article w/ links & it sounds like the guy was not only a doper but now he’s a sellout…oughta change the name to joe pappsmear…

  2. Dammit BGW…that pappsmear line was all I could think the whole time I was reading…and you beat me to it!

    Free Floyd???

  3. You Daiquiri defamer. I was a kid in the 70’s, when my parents, not normally drinkers, decided the daiquiri was hip. (And tacos, discovering the joys of ‘ethnic’ food in Hurst, Tx, state of the art for white-bread suburbanites)

    Daiquiris made them sick, made them jump in the pool with friends, made with banana, strawberry and other fruit not remembered. I’m older now than they were then, and I’ve not made more than a dozen in the years since I worked the wrong side of a bar.
    This is the drink that sold piles of blenders in avocado green and harvest gold.
    Before the margarita, people in polyester forgot about the last gas crunch, Nixon and whatever else…with rum, fruit & sugar.
    This drink is to be respected.
    I can still make my mom queasy if I bring a banana Daiquiri within 3 feet of her.

  4. wow, dude. some dudes have a way of presenting themselves that seems similar to puking while riding a motorcycle. i don’t know this papp dude at all. i don’t know any of the dudes that have written about him. i don’t know the chick at safeway, and i’m not as hairy as you, jonny. i DO know now that i can’t stand a lot of the shit grinning wackos that use their sport, hobby, or past times to try launching themselves into a position of popularity. like so many political pundits that shoot straight for the knees, and take any opportunity they can to twist facts, words and opinions in a vain effort to build their invisible forcefields ever stronger, joe papp is an american douche. that’s why i left him this comment:

    “i’m considering you a chairman on the board of america’s war on respectability. your blog is worthless. your egomaniacal ways do nothing to help your sport or your community, and they sure as fuck do nothing to help your self. whatever it is you’re after will surely present itself once you reach the finish line. i just hope i get a chance to shit in your trophy cup.”

  5. I wanted to read more about the Papp article but when I got to the Outside website I saw that cover shot of Malia Jones, Googled her name and spent the next 45 minutes looking at pics of her doing interesting things with surfboards…

  6. …sommerfliesby…i think we can also agree on the fact that the term douche should be liberally applied to this guy…

  7. Cure for malaria? Where’s the tonic? The quinine in tonic really is an anti-malarial. That recipe looks like its close to a caipirissima (caiparinha made with rum instead of cachaca) Let me see: tropical cane based liquor + citrus + sugar = yum + drunk. QED.

  8. ugh.
    the more I read about roadies and the more of them I meet, the more I like my mountain bike and the smiling folks I meet up on the dirt trails.

    ..I love my road bike, and hard/quiet hours spent on it, and love that it never breaks or rattles, needs almost zero maintenance other than chain lube and a wipe down, but fuck me, putting up with posers, egomaniacs, sandbaggers, shameless brand whores and the all-too-commmon “I’m too serious and into my training to acknowledge your presence by returning a wave or nod” guy is just too much sometimes.

    ..not that the MTB scene is faultless, but yer more likely to have a brand new trailside acquintance MTB’r pass a fatty your way than get some week-day middle manager, too-serious cervelo riding wannabe uberpro-roadie acknowledge a fellow rider on the local parkway circuit.

  9. Technically wouldn’t he be an “Irish-american with a Hungarian last name and two czech grandparents” Douche

  10. humpty – seems like you need to add something about cuba in there too…

    maybe bj did that with his rum drink

  11. land locked…holy shit you are right. I saw that pic of Malia Jones and dry humped my desk for 10 minutes…

  12. I must say that I picked that issue up at the bookstore to read the papp article only, but was also consumed by the cover.