A valiant attempt

Well it’s been a little while so this news may be somewhat dated but I feel the need to bring it to you nonetheless.

A week from last Saturday my man Dan the Damager McGehee clipped in to try to break the World Track 100 Mile Record.

Yes. WORLD record. He did not succeed in breaking it, however, having pushed himself totally to the limit, and had to abandon about 3/4 of the way through in a torrent of vomit. And I do mean a rushing, violent, or abundant and unceasing stream. I can say this firsthand as I:

a) cleaned off his bike

b) cleaned off the velodrome

c) took bottles and bottles of it away

A shot of the bike below…note the outline of the barf droplets against the backdrop of the blue line of the track. Good thing we wiped the frame down with Pledge furniture polish the night before…supposedly for the added aerodynamic benefit. It just made it easier to clean.

Forgive me if the picture doesn’t do it justice. Believe me when I tell you it was bad — I remember my college year — I’ve seen my fair share of barf.

I am happy to report that despite his gastrointestinal distress he managed to hold the pace for over 3 hours.

Hats off to all the crew for their help — from the Harley Chix to Greg Of The Fruit Boots — we’ll be there when he’s ready again. This is not the last chapter.

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4 thoughts on “A valiant attempt

  1. Dan does sound like a Man of Substance.

    Congratulations for the valiant attempt to him.

  2. LOL @ “I remember my college YEAR”

    Funny, I only remember one year of college myself but I just don’t recall which it was.

    Nice effort Dan!