Biker Down…Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Eric Davidson

I am remiss in not posting this earlier….

Early on Saturday morning May 10, Eric Davidson was riding home from a BBQ when a car speeding from a Safeway parking lot in Portland, OR struck him and fled the scene.

Read Here

Eric has been in the hospital since, is in a coma, and is in critical but stable condition. He undergoes back surgery today. Anna-Carin, Eric’s wife, is keeping a blog of his progress. That you can see it here

If anyone is in the area or knows Eric and ACE, please look in on them, send some support, say a prayer.

Eric, keeping fighting.

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8 thoughts on “Biker Down…Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to Eric Davidson

  1. guess the asshole leaving the safeway had a kidney to get to the hospital. sorry for Eric. I really hope he comes out of it ok.

  2. …man oh man…go to those two links, read up on the story & then send some love out to these folks…

    …the weather is encouraging people to get out on their bikes & it seems like we’re already getting more springtime bicycle/car accidents…

    …go to any local paper, when there is bike/car accident report & read the comments section that follows…there are large numbers of folks who just assume that because a bicycle involved, then therefore the cyclist is at fault…even if the report clearly details otherwise…

    …i know, we as cyclists “in general” may not always be little angels on the roadways but, man, the court of public opinion is a harsh bitch…

  3. the court of public opinion sees cyclists as choosing to hang in darwins waiting room, and willing to accept the risk associated with it.

    The sad disconnect is that they don’t, won’t or simply haven’t recongnized the fact that they determine the odds by which we live or die.

    ..the jury should be hung.

  4. been hit by a car. Sick of reading this shit…seems like a new one every other day. Heart goes out to the family, 5 minutes alone with the mutherfucker that did it…

    and Mikey, don’t even try to defend this piece of shit like you did that punk kid in PHX that hit and run.

  5. Kark, I’ve never heard the expression choosing to “hang in darwins waiting room”.

    Who’s further evolved the cyclist or the auto?
    Dead or alive?

    Bring me up to speed.

    I’m fat and not cycling much I’ve been hit twice, am I unmotivated to ride, lazy, or afraid. If you look at the world (our country) the leader ship sucks ass. How about some safe alternative transportation, commute, options, wish I could ride to work, its only fifteen miles but a risk I’m not willing to take.

  6. WOW NO WAY!!!! If this is the same person, i’ve been looking for him for a long time now. We grew up in Woodburn and went to schol together. Send me an e-mail if anyone knows how I can get ahold of him.

    -Jason S.