The Kinlani Fat-Tire Circumnavigation

Update: Ride cancelled due to snow.

It snowed 6+ inches at the Flagstaff Nordic Center as of midday Friday, with more due in last night and today. that’s down at the lodge. From experience, i know that the higher trails at FNC can get twice that… so were’re looking at 8-12 inches up on Hart Prairie Road. With that in mind, and that nearly the entire route for Monday would be above the FNC lodge, i’ve decided to call off our little shindig. Nobody’s more bummed about this than me. i thought January was the time to ride the interstate.

End Update

Return of the Old School: We’re bringing a race back to the Flagstaff Cosmic Loop.

Supported and endorsed by Drunkcyclist and RideClean

Hear ye, Hear ye,
This Memorial Day, Monday May 26, race ’round yonder mountains.

It’ll be the first ’round-the-peaks race in years. This is mostly unorganized and totally unsupported. Participate at your own risk. But as long as we’re less than 75 peeps, we’re under the radar.

Meet at The “Y”. Race starts 9 am sharp. Up Schultz Road (NOT trail), up Weatherford Trail, down to Friedlein Prairie Road, up Snowbowl, down Hart Prairie, out FS 151, take a right onto 418, go around to 552 (Locket Meadow Road), up to the Waterline road, down to Schultz tank. Finish at the parking lot on top of Schultz Tank (not at the Sunset parking lot). There may not be anyone at the finish line, or a finish line at all. The winner will be recognized by the second rider and all subsequent riders. Bow deeply, for their suffering has made you stronger. The course will be open to hikers, horses, gun-toting cattle rustlers, and SUV’s. This is a race. Know the route. Come prepared. Help a stranded rider, but expect no one to wait for you. This is a long ride. Be ready for 4-8 hours. Course subject to change (I’m not sure if the trail up to the IB springs from Locket Meadow is open yet).

Also, Saturday, there’s a whole lotta pain to be had here: FlagSedonaFlag. Booya. Make it a long weekend. Do one, then the other. Consider yourself forewarned.

Sunday, you can rest while riding 100+ on the road:

Ride – Summit Center Classic Memorial Ride on Memorial Weekend.

Sunday May 25th – should be a light RV traffic morning
Time – Roll-out 8am from Pay – N – Take
Pace – No drop – last time we avg 17mph and took about 7 hours
Distance – around 110 miles

Three bottle ride and we can refuel at the RV/Store just before RT260 – at the turn around.

If you have never done this route it has some great hills and a sporadic bike lane.

See you then – Joe and Emma

Comment on this post if you plan on attending, please. it’ll help to plan Monday’s event. There may be a post-ride party, with some delicious New Belgium beverages, at my house, if we’re only a handful in number. more than that? we’ll take over the Uptown or something.

peace y’all. ride bikes. support your local shop.

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2 thoughts on “The Kinlani Fat-Tire Circumnavigation

  1. Final score after MBAA race
    Flagstaff – 2
    Humpty – 0

    Wrecked on the pre-ride two Sundays ago, left my right nut on a rock somewhere on Oldham and then flipped over the bars and got knocked the fuck out…

    Try #2 during race wrecked on the tech downhill (twice)… sprained wrist and bruised ribs. limped in but still finished…only b/c it was an out and back

    still far and away the best course on the circuit

    Mad props to Flag and all those that take on that ride.

    Note to self: give the road bike a friggin’ rest