Damn you, mister one-testicle.

Rumor has it that One-nut may or may not be tapping that pearly-white ass.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen… who am I kidding… Guys; may I present to you… Kate Hudson’s Ass.

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About bikepunk

“Cuts, scrapes, bruises… all in a day’s riding. Then it’s off for some good german beer in a local biergarten.” Munich, Germany

20 thoughts on “Damn you, mister one-testicle.

  1. That actually looks a bit on the flabby side to me. When he starts pulling Derek Jeter/Tom Brady style ass I’ll be impressed.

  2. Honestly, other than yours truly can you name another gash hound who’s done less with his fame?

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  4. It won’t last. She doesn’t look enough like his mom.

    What’s up with the rumor he nailed Tyler Hamilton’s wife a few weeks ago? Poor Tyler. He’s been tapped around like a bubble being bled out of a syringe.

  5. Come on!, if that skinny ass was in spandex and “dancing on the pedals” it would look like just another french climber. And for God’s sake, can’t these people with all their money, find a bottom that fits?

  6. “What confuses me is he’s all over the map. Sheryl Crow, The Olsens, now this? WTF, man?”
    All have not titties.

    Regardless I’d drop the map of Hawaii on her back

  7. Ye gods!

    Once again, youth is wasted on the young.


    Bitter Old Curmudgeon

  8. Buttehead, that was the funniest shit I have read in a while…I guess Lance technically could only bust a nut on her…

  9. That is the point here Judi. If that was the case then they’d have bigger titties I am sure. a guy with that kind of coin and pub should pull some cans

    I mean together he is last 3 have the collective cup of say bikepunks man boobs