Sunshine and Bran-muffins

There are days when things come together. And some days when things get so strange, you know it will come together, because it can’t not. Know what I mean?

This weekend was one of those times. The Mormon Sensation and I rolled up to Cortez CO to do the 12 Hours of Mesa Verde, as has been so well reported by Gnome. We went with the intention to win…but the road to DFL is paved with such intentions. Fortunately, at least one road across the res is paved with asphalt:

We got to Cortez, set camp, and had the strangest dinner ever: Mama Rees, with the “Best Meatballs west of New York,” was a home that had been retrofitted into a restaurant. Being vegetarian, i can’t say much about the meatballs, but the pasta was cafeteria-style. However, the characters were sustaining: The drunk off-duty waitress told us to go kick some ass, and that she’d be sending us “some good vibes.” This from the place where the men’s room has a blown drag-racing engine, and the walls are papered with photos of the biggest eaters of the area.

Then we got dog food. Cause i thought Sara grabbed it, and she thought i grabbed it…and the dog was mad.

the wind blew all night, so the sleep was marginal, and the day dawned cold and raining. Fortunately, it didn’t stay that way. As Gnome as said, this was a great event – with primo trail. 99% of it was singletrack, but here’s what the road section looked like:

And the trails:

Well, it’s a good day when you walk away with the hardware, and hear the competition shouting about insurmountable leads at 3:30. For some, it’s a job: for me, it was a pleasure. It’d been awhile since the top step.

Oh dear. This’ll be the first time some of you see me in the Red Rock Racing team kit. And yes, that’s my teammate, the Sensation, in the old kit. For those of you not from Flag, you might not know that a small town can have lots of teams, and therefore lots of drama. Red Rock’s supporting mountain bike racing right now, and i could use some no-strings support. It shouldn’t be the big deal some people make it. Maybe the 12MV can be a way to get over this.

The waiver for the 12MV had two questions: Why do you ride? and Why did you come?
In response to the former i wrote: because my bike doesn’t burn gas. I came because it was small, southwestern, and not USCF sanctioned, which means it’s cheap and simple. the award was a sweet locally-made Osprey backpack. A shout to all the volunteers and organizers. It was a top-notch event. And i learned about it on DC, like any of y’all. Thanks to Sara for the pics. and feeds. and patience. Thanks to the Sensation for the speed. and laughs. We’re already looking forward to next year.


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5 thoughts on “Sunshine and Bran-muffins

  1. nice work Flagstaffist
    that dog food looked vegetarian if you got in a bind : )
    I think your teammate did some secret training in a lab somewhere…

  2. Mr. Flagstaffist-

    Awesome ride report. Keep on rockin’ and keep those reports coming. Awoo.


  3. Patki!!!!!

    cashing in the paycheck from the off season of HP Yoga PRANIC FORCE from the TOP O’ THE PODIUM!
    YEAH BAbY!!!

    proud o’ you in so many ways…

    see you in the Practice Cave!

    head bowed,

    el coache