Tom Boonen takes Roubaix, North American television coverage nonexistent.

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Tom Boonen took Paris-Roubaix this morning in a three up sprint, with Fabian Cancellara Alessandro Ballan rounding out the rest of the podium spots. Boom Boom is the man.

Perennial American hopefully Gorgeous George Hincapie had another top ten finish, taking the group sprint for ninth nearly six minutes back.

You can read all about it at and

North American “fuck you fans” tape delay now calibrated at 300 hours. Yes, I’ll get to actually see this one play out two weeks from today on April 20th. (update: Yes, it is only one week. Thanks for pointing that one out.)

I’ve simply got to invest in in the future. This is killing me.

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41 Replies to “Tom Boonen takes Roubaix, North American television coverage nonexistent.”

  1. Still, it’s better than years ago when you’d have to wait even longer for the results in Velonews.

  2. came through again with awesome live coverage… after waiting to login for 15 minutes. Nothing like having 4 guys sitting around at 4:30am PST staring at a white screen in anticipation but thankfully worth it in the end!

  3. Fuck versus, and fuck i have tried to watch the 2006 and 2007 giro as well as the 2006 vuelta and none worked worth a shit. too much traffic they said.

  4. I’ve resigned myself to the crappy text scroll from Velonews or Cyclingnews. I’m too cheap to spend cash on Cycling.TV or cable tv.

    I hope something like they had for the Tour of California happens with other races. That was awesome live and free video coverage thanks to Adobe!!

  5. Unfortunately cycling has done such a great job of marginalizing itself that the ROI for better coverage isn’t likely to be there for the foreseeable future.

  6. interent noobs don’t know about newsgroups.

    I had my dvr set to record, I didn’t fucking noticed the airing was weeks away. There was no way I could make it through my daily net blogs without finding out so I broke down and read the results this morning.

    On the other hand, I did see this year’s Little 500 on HDNet yesteday. Well, at least the first 150 of 200 laps.

  7. I stopped into a new bike/coffe shop that had playing. Saw Cadel, Stijn, Fabian, and Tornado Tom go at it. Delivered a season-best ride afterwards from all the adrenelin. just got another viewer.

    Vs.–I love you. Two weeks ago.

  8. sucks totally, but i did look at it at, man Boonen
    shot the the of the track and droped down. thats the ticket!!

    I watched the text reports, and was on the edge of me fuckin seat.
    dudes, the ITA dude has a driveway made of cobbles from that area
    thats pure. fuck!!!! hincapie caught in a tangle. dude hang in you
    will get a classic :) i have faith in you man.


    Joe toe clips.

  9. Last time I checked, April 20th is this next Sunday … i.e. ONE week from today; not two.

    Still sucks that it wasn’t on Vs. though.

    I watched it for free on this morning … dunno how I got past the subscription requirement, but there it was.

  10. fla it was free man, dude i forgot the link. i know it was a free
    steam. whats with the USA not air’n our sport? come on people.

  11. I got a free stream this am…good shit O’grady is the shit.Hincapie should hang it up on Roubaix, can’t get a break. and FYI there weren’t no Cadel in Roubaix buddeh…

    Big Johnny, Gotta bring back the Tom Poonen pic….classic.

  12. we need more flat races in the big-time for the big men, and pave is the fucking best!

    There is nothing like the big men going full throttle on the flat. It’s fucking smash-mouth.

  13. Like it’s been already said, it’s a week away. Not two.

    And sucks. It’s possibly the slowest site on the ‘ole intertubes.

    Hooray for Tom!

  14. huhuh
    not on any calender.
    heh heh
    april 20th is when you feel like it.

  15. lol noobs. thanks mate, thats the link. i just had too many brew hahas yesterday!


  16. If it was or is going to be on VS, count on the docudrama on Levi’s life and anyone else riding a Trek or Specialized.

    they cover cycling like Jim Nance covered the Olympcis…more sensational life story than sport…if you are going to give us the drama give us ‘He was born a poor child of color with out a father in a world not typical to a cyclist…he had a paper route is the streets run by gang lords and pimps…he was teased for wearing tights and shaving his legs, the a courier then one day he dropped the local coffee crew cats on his single speed when he venture into the white part of town… on the cobbles he gets his strength from the memory out sprinting a 9MM…’ Give that one to Troutwig so he slips with the N bomb so they can fire his ass

  17. Hincapie had the fucking chance of a lifetime to follow devolder in flaunders but as usual he looked around for “someone else” to chase. He was right on devolders fucking wheel when he attacked. What a fucking moron, he just let him ride to victory. Not surprising, hincapie’s a good bike racer but will never be a “great” one. Too afraid.

  18. wait!! please dont dis hincapie man.. unless u put yourself in someones shoes, im going out on a limb here but i have watched him
    race before in SF and he really tries, BUT we all know LUCK is a huge fucking factor in cycle racing. HUGE!! flame me if u will

    have u ever been in race with a number on your back? meaning
    marked? maybe if some dudes worked togther in races and not
    always throw in a towel when your off.. i know from one of my
    and I did say MY races learned this. oh wait work togther shit
    by bad we are always one up’n eachother.. LOL

    top 10 is super great stop the hate!

  19. Tom Boonen, Tom Sch-moonen.
    I took 89th out of 109 riders at the OBC (that’s the Ottawa Bicycle Club for all you not keeping up on the going-ons in the bicycle world) Paris Roubaix race this weekend. And I did it on my mtn bike. Cyclocross, schmike-locross. Showed those skinny, hairless roadies a thing or two about riding on dirt.

  20. One more reason why Australia is better than the US. We even get Giro highlights daily this year.

    It was a sweet Roubaix. My ten year old niece was falling asleep and waking up evry 15 minutes to ask if Pozatto had caught up with the leaders yet.

  21. Ok, I just watched PR. After crashing Hincapie is going ape shit because some no-name won’t pull him up to boonans group. This guy was Matthé Pronk (Cycle Collstrop) who was in the fucking break all day and had no reason to help George at all. George=douche.

    Joe: Luck is where experience meets opportunity

    Hincapie’s got experience but he’s too big a pussy to lay it on the line. He’s actually a dumb shit if you’ve ever heard him speak.

  22. For the guy defending Hincapie, I don’t think anyone here thinks he’s a bad bike racer, he’s just not the “right” kind of bike racer. As someone else said, he doesn’t attack, he follows. As long as he does this, he won’t win a monument.

    And yes, I’m willing to bet that most, if not all of the folks writing comments on here have raced a bike. Hell, I’ve raced bikes against Hincapie, in a local turd crit, and he STILL didn’t attack. 9th sucks. The only thing that matters is winning. Nobody remembers who got 9th place. Sorry…

  23. Tug boat my man, are you say’n Georgie is in the closet?

    thaq is some funny shit there boy


  24. WHO CARES !!!!!!!! thanks man, i would buy you a sixer of whatever
    you like if u were close.


  25. Look there’s that singlespeed we passed like 20 min ago

    Single Speeds are gay.