Good week for football

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The NFL Playoffs are in full swing. (Bracket here) It would have been a good weekend to bet on pro football, if I bothered with that type of thing. The lines I saw were as follows:

Favorite Spread Underdog
At Green Bay -7.5 Seattle
At New England -13.5 Jacksonville
At Indianapolis -11 San Diego
At Dallas -7 NY Giants

With the exception of Green Bay (which was a pretty cool game – snow at Lambeau – forget about it) everyone either covered or upset.

Next weekend’s action looks hot:

Favorite Spread Underdog
At New England -14.5 San Diego
At Green Bay -7 NY Giants

I’m guessing San Diego will cover 14.5 points. And the Giants have a real shot against the Pack. Aside from the Goddamn Cowboys, it’s all about the NFC East!

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11 Replies to “Good week for football”

  1. Yeah, if betting were legal.

    At least it looks like Yoko Romo did her job-‘ol Tony looked like he could have used a little more zip on a few of those throws. The look on Jerry Jones’ face as the seconds ticked away was nice, and T.O. in tears was just icing on the cake. Sorry to hear that a lot of people think that Mc Nabb might have another year left in the tank…

  2. Brett Favre is a bad man, enough said.

    I think the super bowl should be Favre vs. Brady, mono e mono. I’d love to see ol’ Brett beat the shit out of that pretty boy

    Favre would then hold the record for the shortest super bowl ever as that ass beaten would take only seconds

  3. those fucking fucks from Marlborough need to be fucking fucked, and fucking good. Fucking A, how much does 14.5 points fucking cost? I’ll fucking pay it, for fucks sake. Fucking have mercy for fucks sake.


  4. …lotta cliches will be used in the next few weeks, {we’re gonna give it 110%}…{we just gotta play our game}…{i’m just gonna cowboy up}… whoa, sorry, ain’t nobody gonna be using that one except maybe jessica simpson !!!…

    …anyway, all four teams started out kinda slow last weekend, but everyone looked strong at the end of the day, so w/out going out on a limb, i’d say we’ve got three damn good football games coming up…

  5. I know it’s blasphemy in Chi-town to say stuff like this, but I’ve always been as much of a Packer fan as I’ve been a Bear’s fan…and Brett Favre kicks ass regardless of what uniform he’s got on….so what if he’s doped to the gills on pain meds. I want to see green and gold take the Super Bowl.