Oh … my … God!

This just in from cyclocross nationals in Kansas City: “Beer sales, they say, have lagged as the temperature has dropped.”

And we’re stuck there for another year? Time for Flagstaff to put in a bid. They’ll still be pounding ’em down there after the sun’s burned out. “Fuckin’ dark, huh, Jonny? Fuckin’ cold, too. Better gimme ‘nuther.”

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12 thoughts on “Oh … my … God!

  1. Oh yea. Cold kills the beer sales. I went to a Jets game way back. It was like 25 degrees. We got properly tanked up pre-game, then had a few more during.

    By half-time, I was so cold I could barely walk from the shivering. My bro had to help me to the car. I spent the the 2nd half warming up.

    Don’t ask me who lost. My only answer is: “Moi”.

  2. You got a damn good point. I could care less about the cross nats, but damn I’d spend a weekend in flag drinking and watching this shit. Kansas City? Yeah right……..

  3. Todd Sadow should put in a bid. everyone from SoCal would be very happy to go to Flag rather than anywhere in Missouri, or near there. I mean if it has to be cold! But I would be happy in Tucson!

  4. wheet and pale ale for 4 bucks, not even a pints worth, it took 2 of those before we made a run for a 30 pack of bud heavy and a couple bottles of liquor.

    course was awsome
    video on zekes’ one eyed view.

  5. No shit. I love beer, but…when its cold out what are you going to do, quaff a cold beer or sip from the flask in your jacket.

    BGW (#5)hit the nail on the head.

    Wasn’t there a pic on here a while back of guy with the Jager bottle in his back jersey pocket at a cx race? Now there is a gentleman who has his shit together.