Philadelphia Eagles on crack

This is insane.

Bring ’em on: Birds say Pats are beatable
Sure, they have to play “a near-perfect game,” but the Eagles claim to be undaunted in their quest to slay the beastliest, best team in the NFL.

…They’re aware that no one expects them to even be competitive, let alone win the game — a belief reinforced by their status as at least a 22-point underdog.

But the Philadelphia Eagles don’t look at their game against the unbeaten New England Patriots as a pointless exercise. Instead, the Birds see the game tonight (8:15 p.m., TV-Chs. 8, 10; Radio-WEEU/830 AM) as a chance to show there really is a reason the games are played.

I look at it as a pointless exercise. A.J. Feelely’s first start in three years, on the road, against the 10 & 0 Patriots?

I’ll be surprised if Philly covers the spread.

God damn you, Billy Penn.

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12 thoughts on “Philadelphia Eagles on crack

  1. …i’m getting more & more sure that we bet a G on who’s team sucks the most…

    …you remember now, right ???…

  2. ….well, at least A.J. Feely can count on a career in porn after football – already has his pornstar name & everything!

  3. Crack’s not enough. I’d guess that it was a crack-acid speedball washed down with a nice slug of absinthe. Brady will start putting up “fuck you” TD’s midway through the third quarter in this one.

    You think you’ve got troubles? I dragged my ass out of bed this morning only to face a choice between rams/seahawks and raiders/chiefs on the tube. It’s all part of a vast network conspiracy to eradicate interest in the NFL here in the northwest.

  4. yeah it may look bad for the gulls but think about us poor massholes, we are getting sick of watching the pats destroy everyone; a close game is fun to watch!

  5. At this point I would like to thoroughly jinx Big Jon and Philly fans everywhere by congratulating him on his team’s stellar performance so far in this game. It can’t last long, so soak it up big man. . . . at least you’re not a Raiders fan.

    Go Raiders (sometime in the future).

  6. Hey DaGrizz, you should be careful what you wish for. Birds are looking good, think the Pats are still full from Thursday, keeping the Pats O off the field is keeping the Birds in this game.
    It is fun to watch, as long as the Pats win.

    -Dan in NH

    (Satan Manning sucks. Yankees suck.)

  7. AYAYAYAYAYA callin straightoutta my momz house is NE to say quit yer cryin’ and watch the Eaglez smack TO like a lil beeeeatch siiick

  8. Big Jonny Whine… Classic.

    I fully expect the Eagles to eke out an unbelievable win. But then, what the fuck do I know about your ‘american football.’ ?

    nothing. that’s what.

    Go Whitefish!

  9. so god dam close.. AJ for eagles quarterback Dovan could not have done a better job. I would have loved for them to win but at least they weren’t blown out………

  10. Damn birds- almost made it.

    I’ve said it before, and here it comes again. I’m glad the soon-to-be NFC Champs from Green Bay won’t have to face NE until the Superbowl.

    Sure liked seeing Moss get held in check. Props to the Eagles. Great effort- shoulda won.