Snake Hawk interviewed

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In case ya’ll are wondering just what makes our boy Snakehawk tick, check out this interview he did over at Art & Grits. And, yes, the old boy is “CR”.

DKR: Where are you from and where do you currently live?
CR: NC is the 13th state in which I’ve lived. My Pops lives in Indiana, and that’s where I graduated from high school, so i guess that’s where i’m from. As of now, i live in a beautiful mobile home with my beautiful girlfriend and our beautiful dogs.

DKR: What’s your website or place we can view your stuff online?
CR: No website up yet, which is completely lame, but you can go check out my creepy MySpace page if you want.

DKR: What medium do you generally like to work in?
CR: I tend to switch it up, or just mix, but i like really tight line work, so it’s more about the brushes. Primarily i love acrylic, but lately lettering enamels have been pretty fun, too. The occasional blast of rattle can, or just some other fast expressive stuff. Also, i love scrounching for found panels. It’s rewarding to make art out of someone’s thrown out crap.

DKR: How do you prep for a piece? Do you do lots of sketches or jump right in?
CP: Hmm. I sort of do both. I sketch regularly, and just end up looking at whatever it is i’m about to paint on, and pull thoughts from my books, my head, or sometimes my ass. Sketching is just a great way to keep ideas fresh in my head. Other than that, to prep for a piece, i like to do some high cardio calesthenics, and throw back a good 3 or 4 Miller High Lifes.

DKR: What do you wish you could improve on most in your work?
CR: I wish i could either spend way more time on pieces, or way less. Sometimes I’ll wrap up my original thought, and be like, “Shit. That was too easy. What else could I do to this?” Then the light goes off in my hooptie of a brain and tells me to knock it off. I’ve gone too far too many times and just ended up throwing shit out. So crap. I just need to work more and more so that my artistic intention becomes more refined.

DKR: Do you have any shows coming up that we should know about?
CR: I just participated in a group show in ATL called Underdogs. I’m going to have some work in another group show at Wootini in December and next spring a big solo show in PHX at a gallery called Las Gallery. That one’s gonna be fun.

DKR: Do you collect something obsessively? If you do, what is it?
CR: I’m a purger. I love to go admire other people’s collections, but really don’t have the patience to collect things for myself. Plus I move fairly frequently, and HATE moving all kinds of shit. Being around me come moving time is always a pretty fruitful activity. I hand it out like candy. I also hand it out like candy on the dance floor. Knahmean?

DKR: What’s your favorite comic book character and why?
CR: I never really got into comics, either. I always got a little anxious about the world of comics and all the crazy intricate 45th regeneration-reborn ongoing character stories. I like when shit ends, I guess.

DKR: What’s on the horizon for you in the near future?
CR: The solo show in PHX is one that I’m very much looking forward to. I’ve been slowly learning to tattoo, which has had a direct influence on my style and technique.That’s kind of it for now. I’m just enjoying life, the people I love,and the place I live.

Don’t miss this cat when he hits Phoenix.

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