Pevenage indicates that Ullrich doped for 1997 Tour de France victory

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I’d say I was surprised… but I’d be lying to you if I did.

Rudy Pevenage has indicated that Jan Ullrich may have been using doping products when he won the Tour de France in 1997. Focus magazine reported Monday that in a secretly-taped conversation between ex-Team Telekom soigneur Jef d’Hont and Ullrich mentor Pevenage, the former noted Ullrich came to the team as a good rider and did what the others did.

“Yes, and he won the Tour with it too, didn’t he?” said Pevenage, which the magazine interpreted as meaning that Ullrich used EPO (Erythropoietin) to help him win the Tour. Source:

I can’t wait for the bombs to start dropping. When is Ullrich’s tell all book going to hit the shelves? Gotta be soon, right? Strike while the iron is hot?

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5 Replies to “Pevenage indicates that Ullrich doped for 1997 Tour de France victory”

  1. Oh Sure, but Lance has NEVER EVER used performance-enhancing products ever.

    I just wish he would fucking admit it and try to reform the damn system that gave him so fucking much.

    But no he’s too much of a megalomaniac for that.

  2. Of course Ullrich doped in ’97, but that was a decade ago. Cycling needs its own version of I say let bygones be bygones and move forward. More Slipstream less water under the bridge. Wanting LA to fess-up is self-indulgent nonsense. It doesn’t do anything good for cylcling or anyone except those who just want to see LA humbled. If he keeps raising money to help fight my Dad’s cancer and the cancer that will hit me or others in the future, I’ll live with his cocky ass.