Back in the saddle, missing the floor.

Been down so long, it looks like up to me. I just pulled down 351 new emails. I guess Daddy’s been a bit absent of late. And he has his work cut out for him.

I may never dig my way up out of this hole.

Link dump:

[skids hurt children]
[kick ass]
[yo, what?]

And then there is the Phillies and the Curse of Billy Penn.

From: Jonathan
Subject: The William Penn Project
While I don’t see that the project is having a measurable impact on the Eagles, it sure is working for the Phillies! Keep up the nice work, I hope they play deep into October.

They went down in four straight.

It’s a good thing I don’t much care for baseball, or I’d get upset after the Phills got a shot because the happless Mets blew a 14,000 game lead in three days. What’d Philly do with it? Absolutely nothing. Nothing at all.

McNabb got sacked 14,000 times last week against the Giants looking like every bit of the washed up hack he is. Blame it on your skin color, kid. It couldn’t be your age/knees/lack of mobilty. Bastard. Win some games then come talk to me.

Everyone in the NFC East looks real to me. Except one team. My team. The Philadelphia Eagles.

We suck. Thank you. Good night and Good Luck. Even though it’s morning.

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13 thoughts on “Back in the saddle, missing the floor.

  1. I say try some reverse psychology on them. Take down the Billy Penn for one season. Stop cheering for them. don’t watch any of their games, and if you do, root for the other team.

    My superstition is, whenever I root for a team (NY Rangers) they do well…Then they trade away their cup-winning lineup for an over-the-hill cherry-picking canadian alcoholic from L.A. and go straight to the shitbox. So I stopped rooting for them. At least in public.

    Stop giving your energy to the losing Eagles and root for some other team. think to yourself: “I’ve given you my life’s blood, and you repay me with nothing. Fuck you, McNabb and fuck You Eagles.”

    Then if they start to win, you will know they are acting like the abusive boyfriend that got kicked out, and is now starting to return with flowers and chocolates, trying to win you back.

    That’s when you have to stay strong.


    ps : I was a fan before that Gretzky shit fucked everything up. Fuck that guy.

  2. Was Gretzky really an alcoholic? Fuck, that guy was my idol when I was a kid. I’m going to stop tucking in my T-shirts on one side now, people think I’m lame enough as it is…

  3. …at least the eagles didn’t swoop down into the fiery pits of hell & lose another one last weekend…course it was a bye week, but, hey, count yer blessings…
    …’9ers started 2-0 & have now worked that up to a glorious 2-3…GO… ya, whatever…

    …with a few defensive tweaks, sather might get the ‘blueshirts’ playin’ hockey this year…new vets gomez, drury working w/shanny n’ jagr could get team kids skating together…backstopped by lundqvist…hell, rangers are “like a box of chocolates, you never know…”…

    …two games into season, good ol’ hometown ‘toronto sun’ headlines::”leafs: wait ’til next year”…now THAT sez it all…

  4. As I understand it being an Eagles fan is all about suffering so this is actually shaping up as a pretty good year, right? That Giants game was like a wreck you just couldn’t look away from until you finally saw something so hideous that it made you puke your guts out. That came around sack #10 or so for me-right about when I realized that I’ve probably got better wheels than McNap. Got Garcia?

  5. …the kid had attention deficit disorder…just couldn’t focus on something that boring, for that long…

  6. “the kid had attention deficit disorder…just couldn’t focus on something that boring, for that long…”

    Oh yea. Skidding on flat ground is like pounding one out. All good until you start to think it’s the real deal.

    The town I grew up in had a hill called Ann Street. 1/4 mile long and 20% grade easy. We used to just coast down and towards the end slam on the brakes. See who could leave the longest skid mark. It was primo living with my 5 speed shifter on the top tube, sissy bar and a playing card clipped to the spokes. I was king of the world.

    They actually have skid contests on flat ground now-a-days ??


  7. You could support the Cleveland Indian’s for a couple of weeks. Take a look, being an Indian’s fan is in your DNA.

    Bucks County Cleveland Fan Club