Fear not

Big Jonny has neither been caught up in the Rapture nor sent onward by Christian Soldiers (although rumor has it that he has agreed to pose for a series of new angel statues to be installed at Nude Life Church). It’s just that The One Dark Lord decided to spend his tour of duty in Bibleburg at the only Silicon Mountain hotel without high-speed Internet access, or indeed access to much of anything at all, including downtown, where we keep the booze, java and porn. Regular transmissions will resume shortly. That is all.

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Making stuff up for money since 1977. Making stuff up about cycling for money since 1989. See VeloNews and Bicycle Retailer & Industry News, found crumpled near the crapper in stylish homes and pro bike shops worldwide.

4 thoughts on “Fear not

  1. …dammit o’grady, this better not be subterfuge for some evil plot you’ve concocted…

    …post a picture of big jonny holding today’s newspaper so we know everything on the up & up…