Two days out

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It has taken me most of the last two days to feel normal. Or start to feel normal. Or whatever. I’m not exactly “normal” yet, but I haven’t been normal in quite some time.

I didn’t race the damn thing, but I still had to drive all the way up there and back. Ugh. I am a fat, worthless fuck at the moment. Spooky how much you loose.

I rode around Turquoise Lake on Friday as I’ve done prior years as a “warm up”. This year it was more of a full on ride. I felt as though I needed a nap afterwards. It was that hard.

Anyway, I took a few photos that day. I’ll just post two, from opposite sides of the lake. They pretty much say it all: Pine trees, lake, sunny day, kick ass good times.

Rode it counter clockwise, starting on the north side.

Turquoise Lake north side

And here is a shot on the way back around the south side of the lake.

Turquoise Lake south side

Link dump:

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[big wheels]
[mush mouth bush]
[the human footprint]
[what the buck?]
[bikes are so 19th century]
[gene doping]

Lets get into some email:

From: Doug
Subject: That’s what I’m talking about…
Doping for seniors

In Italy a 55 year-old was caught for doping in an amateur race. The rider for Team Marlis won a race in the category for 55 to 59 year-olds, but CONI, the Italian Olympic committee, announced that the amateur racer was caught for using high blood pressure medicine, according to La Gazzetta dello sport. He is facing a suspension until he turns 57 as well as a revoking of his title.

You gotta love those cut throat masters events. Any edge, eh? How do we even know he has high blood pressure? Huh?

Subject: CO
Taylor Phinney (Davis’s son) just won the World Jr. TT Champs….One of the Slipstream Jr.s layin’ it down!!

Yep. Story here:

From: Martin
Subject: CMWC 07 Dublin
We have a winner. I think..
There is much more Guinness in Dublin than I anticipated…

More here:

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3 Replies to “Two days out”

  1. I have to say that tax break thing is cool might not get many people on their bikes but will help out those who already ride bikes. I did a project in college about the same thing, but promoting living healthy rather then saving energy

  2. Gorgeous shots of Turquoise lake. Brings back some awesome memories for me. I’ve not been there since doing the Jr National Tour stage race back in 1984. We did a stage from the Copper Mountain Resport, up over Fremont Pass, 3 laps around the lake and then into downtown Leadville.

    I’m proud to say that I dusted Frankie (Andreu) in the KOM sprint at the top of Fremont. Unfortunately, I flatted on the descent down past Molybdenum and the wheel truck gave me wheel with a cog so seriously undergeared, I could not catch back onto the break again. As I neared downtown Leadville, I had to drag race towards a rail crossing to beat a long-ass freight train (I won).

    I’d never ridden at such altitude before. On Fremont pass, I felt like I was gasping for air. I could not imagine doing that for over 8 hours. 4 was plenty.