Kashechkin positive

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Oh, such fun.

Astana’s Andriy Kashechkin has tested positive for a homologous blood transfusion at an out of competition control in Turkey on August 1.

The 27-year-old Kazakh is the third member of his team to fail a dope test this season, after Matthias Kessler was found to have an abnormally high level of testosterone a day before the Fleche Wallonne, and Alexandre Vinokourov tested positive for a transfusion after the first time-trial of the Tour de France.

Source: eurosport.yahoo.com

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13 Replies to “Kashechkin positive”

  1. not sure if I am permitted to talk like this on the NEW AND IMPROVED DRUNK CYCLIST…

    but I have come to see things like this

    being shocked by seeing DOPERS in the tour de france is like being shocked by seeing nudity in a strip club!

  2. …whoops, sorry guys ! Vino, we gave you Andriy’s bag back at the Tour, and darn it, Kash, we gave you Vino’s bag on the 1st.

    Honest mistake !

    Hey, pleez, don’t even ask how Matty got that ‘abnormally high’ testosterone thing. We were pulling a prank on on of the mechanics & it backfired !

  3. Love ya DC but ENOUGH OF THIS DOPING CRAP ALREADY!! Tell us a funny story about your kid or something, anything……road riding is gay anyway! My 2 cents.

  4. So after Tyler plugged into Sandy Perez’s blood bag… When Vino accidentally has someone else’s blood in him, don’t they think to look and see who is rocking out with the Vino Blood?

    When they figure that Kash is how, how come he isn’t training in, say ‘Mexico’. I realize that they have to code the blood bags, (say AC) but maybe they should remember which code matches whom, as they can test to see if it’s your blood transfused back into you now.

    Sloppy Dr’s ruining my cycling.

  5. In other news Barry Bonds is just 111 home runs shy of Sadaharu Oh home run record in Japan. Espn 2 will follow each at bat. Tonight he will be batting 6th in the bottom of the 7th inning or some shit. this is a viable race. Japans parks are 30 feet shorter and the juice Barry did gives him 30 more feet of power.