Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

What: Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships
When: Sat., Sun. November 11-12 2007
Where: Portland, Oregon (where else?)
Why: If we don’t, the terrorists have won.
More info: Check

Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships in Portland Oregon
November 11-12, 2007. Portland Single Speed Collective will host the inaugural World Championships in conjunction with a Cross Crusade event.

Day One, Saturday, will include a qualifying Time Trial, possibly the first cyclocross time trial ever attempted. Time bonuses given for Sketchy aero bar descending, saddle-less lap, saddle-less aero bar laps, steep hill climb, 6-pack bunny hopping and others.

Day Two, Sunday, is the Grand Boucle of Single Speed Cross, a 60-minute race around the notorious Estacada Bowl. One woman, one man will be crowned Single Speed Cyclocross World Champion.

Prizes: Vanilla bicycles custom cross frame, a World Champion rainbow Speedo, custom designed tattoo.

Online registration will be available. Check

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3 thoughts on “Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships

  1. correction, not a Cross Crusade production but will kick arse regardless, be there!