“Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

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Phil Liggett clearly comes from the George Bush School of Stupidity.

The school motto:

“There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

Phil says this on his Versus column today:

The new leader of the race will be young Spaniard, Alberto Contador by 1:53 ahead of Cadel Evans and Levi Leipheimer who is +56 seconds in third.

Thank heavens none of these three riders have ever been remotely suspected in dealing with drugs and could now turn out to be the race’s saviors.

Phil lives an enchanted life I would say. He sets up his chair in the mouth of a giant bear and thinks that saliva dripping on his head is just a leaking roof.

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14 Replies to ““Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.””

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  2. Now the man with connections to Operation Puerto (sp?) is leading the race, that’s just dreamy since all his other fellow Puerto patients have been booted from the race.

  3. I seem to remember that Contador was more than “remotely suspected” of being a cheating fuck last year a la Puerto. I wouldn’t begin to consider him a savior of anything. It’s no wonder the boy can climb with the legs of 2 men!

  4. Supposedly the UCI apologized for naming him in Operacion Puerto. It was a mistake to name Contador.

    That’s what Johan is saying, and I’ve not looked into the substance of that.

  5. So Jon, I understand your cynicism, but do you really believe that they are all doping? If so then why are you watching the tour at all?
    Follow me here… If you hate dopers, and the whole peloton is doping, then you must hate the whole peloton, so why watch?…or the whole peloton is doping and maybe you don’t care, so you watch, because this Tour kicks ass!…or (most likely), some guys are doping and some aren’t and the ones that are, are now getting caught, and it makes you sad and disgusted because you didn’t really believe that they were ALL doping. In fact you believed that the Chicken didn’t dope, but he does, and you believed that Vino was clean but he isn’t.
    So having said this, why do so many people believe that Lance doped? Its like blaming Clinton.
    It seems that if a racer wins a race,then the racer loses, cause everyone thinks he cheated. And if the spec-hater wins, by everyone being proved a cheat, then you, the spec-hater the believer that says “They are all dirty, lying shitheads”, lose..because believing that everyone cheats, is nothing worth believing at all.
    We are all saddened by this embarrassed by this shit, it sucks, but lets support those guys that are still clean. The dopers will be caught.

  6. I say make the accountant (Contador in spanish) accountable for submitting for a dna test asap.

  7. Bummer Levi is supposedly working with Ferrari too. He and Cuntador both ride for one of the dirtiest teams in the sport.

  8. The Tour would do itself a favor by cancelling the rest of the stages, not having a winner for 2007, and issuing a public apology to cycling fans everywhere for this embarrassment. Of course sponsors would drop like flied in a window, but the Tour might regain its composure for next year. Perhaps the Global Catholic Priests Society could sign up as the maor sponsor in 08 to lend credibility to the race again.

  9. why do so many people believe that Lance doped?

    Because he crushed known dopers without fail.

    The Tour would do itself a favor by cancelling the rest of the stages, not having a winner for 2007, and issuing a public apology to cycling fans everywhere for this embarrassment.

    You’re an idiot. The tour exists to make money, canceling it would not “do itself a favor” in any way. I think you meant “it would do my warped sense of justice a favor.”

  10. I think I meant that the only way for the Tour to regain a sense of credibility with its fan base is to do something drastic to acknowledge this race is f*cked up and change will be made to get the peloton back on track. Basic PR boys. Admit your mistake, explain how it won’t happen again, and execute on the plan to ensure this sh*t ends.

  11. The crowds were there on that last mountain stage. Credibility hasn’t really been lost amongst the hard core fans, its just changed its tune to incredibility for now.

    They stood out there & lustily BOOed chicken shit on that final climb. Righteously so. The guy just oozed a smarmy pissiness.

    If the fans disappear, the sponsors WILL be gone. Frankly, other than the cheaters, we’re ALL in agreement that the sport needs to be cleaned up, & not one of us knows how big the problem really is. Pure fucking speculation.

    I look @ it as a beautiful sport that needs a good house cleaning. Needed it for years.