Swiss open up Ullrich’s bank account info

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Today’s question: How many checks did Jan Ullrich write to Eufemiano Fuentes and for how much?

Show me the money!

Switzerland’s supreme court on Monday gave authorities the green light to hand over details of Jan Ullrich’s Swiss bank accounts to German magistrates examining doping-related offenses.


This is going to get very interesting.

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3 Replies to “Swiss open up Ullrich’s bank account info”

  1. make it a contest for each- Closest wins, earliest guess breaks ties. Prizes? How about a shot of Famous Floyd’s Testosterone Tripler (a.k.a wiskey)?

    I say 5 checks for a total of 515K euro.

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  3. so much for the security of a swiss account.

    I mean fuckin’ hell. Yeah, he cheated. Hle took pharmaceuticals,
    ..non-narcotic and for personal use.

    ..jeezus. Now it’s like they’ll spill the beans if you cheat on your cub-scout exam.