German Coverage.

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Hey all. Here is what I can figure out.

The guys at ARD and ZDF decided to pull coverage because it is still ‘a farce’. By that I mean as I mentioned in my reply to the original post, I said we all pay TV tax, to get better coverage, less commercials, uncensored boobs (ok, that’s a european thing…)

They say they will make an official announcement once Sink-head has made his statement. They feel that since we, the people are paying, we should rest assured that we are watching an un-doped sport. Think about how much free advertising sponsors get when the tour is on not one, but two channels. Now think about how that affects them when there is no coverage in all of Germany. Imagine the Super Bowl being boycotted by the big 3 in the US when they find out players X,Y,Z are doped to the gills. When the TV exec’s are pushing for a clean sport, how will that affect the players/teams?

All in all, from what I can gather, the networks (that I pay €200 per year for radio and TV) say if little ol’ me is paying, I should get quality TV and that means clean riders, no mid-tour scandals, no dropping riders the day before etc…

When was the last time a network stood up for you guys? Stood up and said ‘This is going to suck, but we want to bring you a true TDF with riders you have a better feeling about. People you can believe AREN’T doped. At least not feel so jaded (I’m looking at most of you readers…) as to say “They all dope. If they didn’t the same guys would win, just 5kph slower.” ‘

It sucks for many, but then there is always Eurosport and the evening highlights. Not everyone can spend the entire day (I mean myself here…) in front of the TV in a half-slouch, half-lean with a cold sports bottle between his legs, trying to keep interested for the entire 275 kilometeres. Not every day has a French Lab making shit interesting.

Highlights on the evening news are more than enough for people here. I can’t imagine the chaos if they did this with football. (Soccer to you foreigners.)


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3 Replies to “German Coverage.”

  1. I think Sink-head needs a good old fashioned behind the barn beat-down. If it it comes to pass that he was doping; what was he thinking? I realize that doping’s still rampant. However, T-Mobile as well as German TV stated months ago that if anyone tested positive they were outta there. In a strange but sad way, I have to give credit to ZDF & ARD for sticking to their word.

    Hopefully, ZDF & ARD will start covering some sort of hot chicks naked sport instead.

  2. I think thats awesome. Thats the kind of pressure that might actually affect a change to the rolling pharmacy we call ‘pro cycling’.

  3. In comparison to you and your recent 4-person 3-rd placing at a 24-hour race, I think its great. I’d like to see more coverage of ‘Everyman’ events like that, than crap-half-coverage of the Tour any day.

    Congrats to you and yours. (ps: we have gifts from Sweden for you two.)

    Lets all hope T-mobile stick to their guns and do a 5-year revamp of their entire lineup. I’d rather come back in a few years and see young clean faces than the same old dopers.