Saul Raisin back to business

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A good writeup from Saul Raisin on his first bike race after his horrific accident at the Circuit de la Sarthe in April, 2006.

My team gave me clearance to participate in the race, so just as my friends were competing in the prologue to the Tour de France in London, I tested myself over the 15-mile, 3800 vertical challenge of Big Cottonwood Canyon to Brighton Ski Resort.

At the start line I felt calm, but once the race was under way I started experiencing all sorts of emotions. I can’t possibly explain how good it felt to be back, riding competitively again. The pace was really fast and the adrenaline got pumping. As I climbed the hill people were yelling, “Go Saul!” I wanted to thank them all and let them know how much their support meant to me.


Right on, Saul.

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