Jan Ullrich to sing like a bird?

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I can’t wait for this to drop.

Former T-Mobile leader Jan Ullrich, who was implicated in the Spanish Operacion Peurto affair, will soon be holding a conference where he will talk in detail about “the events of the last few years”, according to Sports Wereld.

“I will talk, and I will give my detailed opinion regarding the events of the last few years,” the now retired rider said. “But I will do that at the moment that I feel is the right moment.”

“I am, at the moment, looking for the right medium, so that my version of events is presented without being misunderstood,” explained the German 1997 Tour de France winner. Ullrich, who has always denied his involvement with doping, didn’t give any further details other than he would not talk during the Tour de France.

Source: cyclingnews.com

It’s going to hit like a ton of bricks.

As it should.

Maybe he should write a book? Why not, everyone else is doing it…

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3 Replies to “Jan Ullrich to sing like a bird?”

  1. you know that whistle sound right before a bomb hits? The eerie one that just lets you know that sudden and unavoidable doom is eminately approaching.

  2. Write the book Jan. Start with the eastern bloc Training test tub labs you lived in starting at like 9