Matthias Kessler’s B-sample positive

Did I read that right, eighty five to one?

Matthias Kessler’s B-sample has also tested positive for testosterone, with an equally “exorbitantly high value” as the A-sample, according to the Sueedeutsche Zeitung, leading the newspaper to say that he had “obviously been caught in flagranti.”

The German rider tested positive on April 24, and the test showed a testosterone value of 85:1, while a normal value is 4:1

Source: (scroll down a bit)

That makes Floyd Landis’s 11:1 look downright paltry. Like he wasn’t even trying.


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One thought on “Matthias Kessler’s B-sample positive

  1. If Jack Daniel’s gives an 11:1… Kessler musta got drunk off his gourd with some sweet, sweet single malt.