Blow it up, box cutta style baby!!!!

So I am riding this morning, the author of this story tells me that she wrote this little diddy about cycling in Tucson and wants the world to see it. I say “ok” little does she know its about to blow up like an A-bomb. So click the link and send her an email when you watch the video….


Why should you? Because I told you to do it.

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2 thoughts on “Blow it up, box cutta style baby!!!!

  1. What, they didn’t interview Flagstaff’s answer to Gord Fraiser? You were right there! You’re just fucking standing there! You ain’t worth a shit! You’re killing my grass!

    (That’s what Snake’s highschool basketball coach used to actually yell at him. Next time you run across the old boy, give ’em what for.)