Eddy Mazzoleni out of Tour

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Mazzoleni is out. Who had him picked? The odds were what, one to one on that?

The Astana has dropped Italian rider Eddy Mazzoleni from its nine-man Tour de France team due to doping allegations….

Mazzoleni, a strong climber, has been dropped because of his implication in a doping affair dating back to 2004.

Source: velonews.com

Oh yeah, 2007 Giro? He got third.

If Schleck manages to get himself busted in the next few days, we’ll have a hat trick with all three of the 2007 Giro’s top poduim spots ‘suspended’ within weeks of the race finishing.

Glory days.

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One Reply to “Eddy Mazzoleni out of Tour”

  1. Schleck getting busted? Could happen. When Jaksche sings, hell will break loose. The fairytale is over Armstrong. Fucking over.