Soviet-Style Torture Becomes Interrogational

In other fun just keep smiling news, we’ve got this one from the Times.

How did the United States, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, come to adopt interrogation techniques copied from the Soviet Union and other cold war adversaries?

Investigators for the Senate Armed Services Committee are examining how the methods, long used to train Americans for what they may face as prisoners of war, became the basis for American interrogations.

From later in the same article:

“How did something used as an example of what an unethical government would do become something we do?”


How indeed.

I remember back when I was coming up, Rambo was a badass, the Soviets were the Evil Empire, we were the Good Guys, and great nations of the world were moving toward democracy through the door to freedom.

Remember that thosand points of light shit?

I do.

Where is it now?

Or, was it never really here in the first place?

– update – The entire Council of Europe Report on CIA Secret Prisions is posted at

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