“What the HELL was I thinking?” part 2

well the pain and suffering is over kids. the bad news bears had a great day out. in theend the group which prepared least prevailed incrimentally better than their over prepared advesary.
a full report and fotos should follow. in a week. it’s bike week suckers and that means signing off to responsibilty, email, v mail and all other balls and chains to savor that which binds us: riding bikes
peace tell next week

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About Chopper

Poet, sage, liar. Bike fag, BIKE Mag contributor and lacky who couldn’t handle the discipline required to be a real pro. Bald, slow and generally known to speak out of turn especially when under the influence. He’s got two beautiful daughters who make you question genetics and a wife who could school your ass on a bike any day of the week. Ketchum, Idaho, USA

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