One day till the Giants…

The Eagles split their regular season games with the Giants with an overtime loss in September and a convincing win in December. Is Garcia the difference? Or is it Billy Penn?

I got an interesting letter from my father today:

From: Dad
Subject: Curses
Now that you have or are solving the curse of Billy Penn, what about the Curse of Sports Illustrated. Of course you know that the cover of this week’s magazine is your Eagles quarterback Garcia. The SI curse has caused disasters for who ever is on the cover as well as their teams for over 25 years. Any answers for this conundrum?

Here’s what I wrote back:

You ain’t kidding buddy. It doesn’t look good at all. In fact, it looks terrible.

That said, we’re going to Brinky’s Garage Mahal tomorrow for the game. I’ve been asked to bring a photo of Billy Penn for his shelf. I’ll also bring a compass for proper orientation of the Fat Quaker and a camera to record the deed.

We can only hope that the power of Billy Penn is greater than the power of Sports Illustrated.

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